Contribute to the knowledge, interpersonal skills
and ability to act of people young and old!




Why ?

In a society where our attention is continually divided, STRESS is on the rise! M4Edition invites people of all ages to take 2 minutes at a time to reflect and become calm and focused and centred in order to feel and act better.


M4Edition provides people with GPS : simple, concrete and practical solutions to develop knowledge, interpersonal skills and the ability to act in a society constrained by time and stress.


Contribute to better well-being of people young and old, by offering Guides for Practical Strategies, or GPS. These paper-based and digital guides provide a method, effective techniques, and interactive web tools. M4Edition aims to contribute to the physical, mental and emotional health of those young and old by giving their life greater meaning.


Innovation in education is either a new product, or a novel practice which aims to voluntarily improve, in a sustainable, transferable and measurable way, a product, a technology, an institutional device, a method, a process and a learning environment.1


M4Edition therefore places innovation at the core of its development of pedagogical tools and products.


Also essential to M4Edition's values is the desire to have a meaningful impact on the daily well-being of its clients. Through the educational exercises and tools it develops, the company aims to counteract problems such as stress and its many dimensions (time, performance, failure, bullying, school dropout, suicide or public speaking).


The team will also make sure this site constantly provides top-rate interactive technical support.




1 Le dialogue entre la recherche et la pratique en éducation : une clé pour la réussite, Conseil supérieur de l'éducation, Québec, 2006, p.26

We are currently developing the GPS 4.0 for adults, the mobile app GPS-Dstress and the M4Edition digital platform. As users, you will therefore have access to the many activities, practical exercises and interactive software to accomplish the 21-2 Challenge.

Looking forward to serving you!


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