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and ability to act of people young and old!




Students and teachers from six secondary schools in Quebec participated, and provided the following feedback on the method’s benefits :


I’m more aware of the passing of time and I take better advantage of each moment.

Jordan, grade 8

I like the moment of peace the “2 minutes” gives me; we should have more moments to withdraw within ourselves.

Vincent, grade 7

I now recognize my negative thoughts and am able to quiet them down and replace them with positive thoughts and emotions.

Félix, grade 11

Before our competition, I told my team: Ok, lets do a “2 minutes” like our teacher showed us and we really felt our team spirit come alive. We were ONE! Some of the teammates didn't know the technique, they immediately loved it.

Before an exam I did the 3 DB=CD (3 good breaths, calm down!) and I was able to concentrate more. I did it again during the exam when a specific question really stressed me out and I ended up finding the right answer. I’m proud of myself.

Alexandrine, grade 11

Simon, grade 11


The students are much calmer and better inclined to follow instructions in class.

Nicolas, grade 11

We don’t need to intervene as much to bring order and calm to the class.

Martine, grade 10

When you tell a student who has an inappropriate behaviour: “breathe”, he becomes more aware of his actions and is more willing to let go of his stubbornness to start trouble.

Mélanie, grade 7

I was impatient and out of breath when faced with the resistance and inadequate behaviour of my students. Luckily, this tool allowed me to refocus and not let my impatience get the best of me. Everyone finds the moment that makes a difference. It’s so beneficial!

Judy, academic adaptation

Following the analysis of the project here are a few experts who gave their opinion :

“As a teacher myself, it seems to me that this innovative educational tool can actively support students’ academic achievement and give them the means to face various challenges.  What is learned through this tool has the potential of becoming a life-long learning lesson, transferable to all aspects of one’s life, allowing students to consolidate healthy, stable and sustainable habits. The ideas presented in the GSP 1.0 are meaningful and will help facilitators deal with issues within the school system”

Jean-Marie De Koninck - Professor at Laval University and president and founder of   Opération Nez-rouge

“This product is relevant today and forward thinking by its simplicity and practicality […] an innovative tool that will surely have a social impact.”

Yves Ploude - President and CEO of Entreprenariat Laval - Laval University

We provide meaningful support … The proposed method ensures that students develop and experiment with simple techniques that promote their well-being and that of others. The method falls within the scope of actions that can be taken to meet the requirements of Bill 56, which calls for all schools to develop a plan to fight bullying.

Alain St-Pierre - Directeur Polyvalente of Ancienne-Lorette

“I was impressed by this tool’s innovative ideas and its potential. The market is ripe for this kind of product and all the actors involved in education at large should be equipped with this beneficial tool.


Louis Garneau - President of Louis Garneau Sport

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